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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

At the Bozeman Birth Center, we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive out-of-hospital birth options in the Gallatin Valley.

We practice evidenced-based care and our safety practices are equivalent to those found in a hospital-based setting. For example, we screen for gestational diabetes and GBS, have access to lab work and ultrasound, consult with physicians when necessary, and monitor and manage various pregnancy complications.  

We approach every client and family with a personal, holistic approach in a low-intervention, home-like environment. Our routine prenatal visits are between 30-60 minutes and our initial, postpartum, and wellness appointments are at least an hour. We take the time to get to know our families and for them to get to know us. Additionally, we practice according to the following beliefs for low-risk, healthy women:

  • Women should be allowed the freedom of movement in labor and birth in whatever position they wish

  • Women should be allowed and encouraged to eat and drink in labor

  • Intermittent monitoring of fetal heart rate is safe and preferred

  • Episiotomy should not be routine practice

  • Water birth is safe and appropriate for most low-risk women

  • Delayed cord clamping should be routine practice

  • Early initiation of breastfeeding promotes bonding and infant health

  • Women and families should be empowered to make their own decisions about their healthcare


Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance companies are required by law to compensate for care provided by a CNM.



We have full prescriptive authority, including all forms for contraception. No need to go elsewhere for necessary prescriptions. 


Hemorrhage Safeguards

We have the ability to use IVs and IV medications and prescription medications to control a hemorrhage.


Laboratory Services

We draw our lab work in house and work directly with an accredited laboratory. No need to go elsewhere for lab services.

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