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Fertility and Pre-conceptual Counseling

It is truly a miracle that we are able to conceive and support another human life.  Conception and pregnancy can be a very easy process for some families, whereas sometimes it can be a difficult and stressful process for others. 

We are able to support your desire to grow your family. We are available for the initial consultation to review the reproductive and ovulatory cycle in addition to counseling that optimizes your pre-conceptual health. In the event your family would require additional testing, we are available to offer these additional services as well as work collaboratively with your fertility specialist.


  • Ovulatory and reproductive counseling

  • Pre-conceptual health counseling

  • Fertility evaluation and counseling

    • Complete Reproductive Health Labs​

    • Ultrasonography

    • Collaborative care

    • Prescriptive and Therapeutic Treatment 

Food and supplements are incredibly important in fertility. We have some resources for you to begin your preconception journey, beginning with what vitamins and minerals that you can begin taking. Take a look at our informational slideshow here. 

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