Our Mission

 The Birth Center’s mission is to provide safe, holistic, and compassionate care to women and families in a comfortable, low-intervention environment where women feel supported, empowered, and involved in their medical decisions. Care is provided based on evidenced-based practices as well as an innate trust in the human body.

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Our Team


Lauren Hinkle: CNM


Lauren Hinkle is a Certified Nurse-Midwife who began her journey into Midwifery after witnessing her first birth in nursing school.  She fell in love and knew supporting pregnancy, birth, and in general women’s health was her calling.  She started her family with her husband in the Tetons and had two wonderful yet different birthing experiences.  In hopes to positively support others in childbirth, she then chose to actively pursue Midwifery.  She graduated with her Masters of Science as a Nurse-Midwife from Frontier Nursing University.  Prior to beginning work with the Bozeman Birth Center, she practiced as a Certified Nurse-Midwife in a supportive and busy rural women’s health practice.  Throughout her masters, she studied and practiced in West Virginia as well as in an independent birth center in Georgia.  Her work in multiple regions and healthcare settings influenced how she desired to support the unique needs of women and their births.  Her most influential experiences took place in the birth center setting.  This environment facilitated trusting the physiological birth process as well her ability to support childbirth without unnecessary interference.  


Lauren, her husband, and two daughters chose to relocate to Bozeman as they love the Yellowstone region and saw it as an excellent place to raise their children.  She is originally from Georgia and moved to Jackson, Wyoming seeking big mountains for skiing and hiking.  When she’s not catching babies, she tries to stay outside with her family enjoying mountain biking, trail running, and skiing in the winter.


The Bozeman Birth Center is a place that supports Bozeman’s unique diversified community. The opportunity to work in an independent birth center contributes to her personal mission of providing evidence-based safe care that she also feels is individualized to the women or families needs. It allows for an environment that is supportive of the natural birth process. The strength of a woman in childbirth constantly amazes her.  She is excited to continue offering the excellent care and services that the birth center provides to the growing region.


Rosalina Sherman BSN, Nurse Birth Assistant

When Rosa was 12, she had the privilege of attending the birth of her little brother, born via an un-medicated VBAC.  Awed by her mother’s courage, strength, and perseverance in labor, the first seeds were planted that would grow into Rosa’s career as a L&D nurse.  

Rosa graduated with her BSN from Montana State University.  She has held many positions from clinic to hospital care but finally found her home at the Bozeman Birth Center.  Rosa’s passion is for patient education; giving women and their partners the tools they need to feel comfortable and be successful through the birth and postpartum journey.  Rosa feels blessed to attend women and their families through this intimate and life altering experience.

Rosa is the proud mother of four.  She had the joy of welcoming her youngest to the world at The Birth Center surrounded by her “work family,” our wonderful birth team.  In her free time she loves to curl up with a good book or get out and enjoy the outdoors; fishing, hiking, and camping.  


Stephanie Lindholm BSN, Nurse Birth Assistant

Stephanie is an registered nurse with a love for midwivery and natural birth. Stephanie grew up hearing how she was the easiest and best delivery of six kids.  She was also the only one delivered by a midwife and that made an impression.  So did the first birth she attended in nursing school. The moment the baby exited the mother was an overwhelming and magical moment in witnessing a soul's first breath.  Just before graduating with her BSN through MSU, she delivered her first child with a midwife in the hospital.  The labor was long but the end worth the effort in bringing her first girl into the world.  She admits she wanted the epidural and was able to curb the craving with incredible and constant support. Her second delivery was with a midwife at home and much faster than the first.  She was in awe with how efficient the laboring body could be and was the first to welcome another daughter into the world. After working several years in the hospital setting, she was drawn to our birth practice because of its’ balance between the medical and instinctive. After more than a year with us, she still finds every birth a privilege to attend. Outside of work she is running family life, hiking, and always trying something new.