Our Mission

 The Birth Center’s mission is to provide safe, holistic, and compassionate care to women and families in a comfortable, low-intervention environment where women feel supported, empowered, and involved in their medical decisions. Care is provided based on evidenced-based practices as well as an innate trust in the human body.

Our Team

Kayla Wright: CNM, WHNP, CLC, PMAD


Kayla’s midwifery journey began at age 10 with her hands pressed against the pregnant belly of her 5th grade teacher. Since then, her focus never wavered as she pursued her passion to become a midwife. Her dream was realized as she graduated at the top of her class from Yale School of Nursing as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) in 2014.  

Kayla is a firm believer in the normalcy of the birth process and the intelligence of the human body. She started her journey attending births in the hospital, but quickly moved to the birth center environment where she found her true calling. She constantly strives to promote both a physically and psychologically safe space for birth and develop trusting, communicative relationships with her clients and their families. She views birth as a transformative, empowering journey for women and their families. She is honored to support new and growing families on their adventure into parenthood.

Kayla lives in Bozeman with her partner (Greg), puppy (Oshie), and bearded dragon (Murphy). An Idaho native, Kayla is thrilled to be back among the mountains and the people of the West. She enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, cross-country skiing, belly dancing, and bike riding.

Rosalina Sherman BSN, Nurse Birth Assistant

When Rosa was 12, she had the privilege of attending the birth of her little brother, born via an un-medicated VBAC.  Awed by her mother’s courage, strength, and perseverance in labor, the first seeds were planted that would grow into Rosa’s career as a L&D nurse.  

Rosa graduated with her BSN from Montana State University.  She has held many positions from clinic to hospital care but finally found her home at the Bozeman Birth Center.  Rosa’s passion is for patient education; giving women and their partners the tools they need to feel comfortable and be successful through the birth and postpartum journey.  Rosa feels blessed to attend women and their families through this intimate and life altering experience.

Rosa is the proud mother of four.  She had the joy of welcoming her youngest to the world at The Birth Center surrounded by her “work family,” our wonderful birth team.  In her free time she loves to curl up with a good book or get out and enjoy the outdoors; fishing, hiking, and camping.  

Stephanie Lindholm BSN, Nurse Birth Assistant

I am the only one of my five siblings delivered by a midwife and my mom always said I was her "easiest and best delivery."  When I told my siblings about working at a birth center with midwives they weren't surprised.  I had written papers about midwifery and birth centers in nursing school and graduated as a BSN.  I then delivered my own girls with competent midwives.  My husband was glad to be so involved in the delivery with cutting the cord and skin-to-skin but he left the catching of our youngest baby to me.  When not working we enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, and playing games.

Brooke Bent, Office Manager

Brooke’s first introduction to midwifery and natural, out-of-hospital birth was in 2013 when she realized after a “pregnancy scare” that she was afraid of labor. After research, she realized that labor does not need to be scary or difficult as it is sometimes portrayed by culture and TV. When she became pregnant two years later, she was able to achieve her dream: a joyful, natural birth with Kayla assisting at the Bozeman Birth Center. Her beautiful and fun birth experience (complete with a dance party!) further sparked her passion for natural birth. Two years later, her second baby was also born at the Bozeman Birth Center and she loves to share her natural birth stories.

Brooke studied English and Spanish at MSU and has worn many hats over the years and holds various licenses. Most of all, she enjoys working with and helping people. She has traveled abroad including a stint as a foreign exchange student in Chile. But for now, she enjoys staying put in Montana and spending time with her husband and two kids. They love to spend time outside on trampolines and going to parks in the summer and visiting museums and bounce houses in the winter. A lover of language, Brooke enjoys spending time with her nose in a good book and writing her own books. She has had a children’s book published with more in the making.

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