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Our Mission

 The Birth Center’s mission is to provide safe, holistic, and compassionate care to women and families in a comfortable, low-intervention environment where women feel supported, empowered, and involved in their medical decisions. Care is provided based on evidenced-based practices as well as an innate trust in the human body.


Our Team



Amy has walked alongside women and helped them in birth for almost 20 years, and for more than 10 of these years has been certified as a midwife. She began her pursuit of midwifery after the traumatic birth of her first son 23 years ago. Following that experience, she knew the modern medical approach should not be the starting point for woman nor the definition of birth. Having learned about midwifery as an option she chose a natural birth using midwives for her two other sons with redeeming and life changing outcomes. Understanding the spectrum of what birth can be both with and without education and a plan, Amy has made it her mission to help women have options, choices, information and education. 


Prior to beginning work with the Bozeman Birth Center, she practiced as a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife in a solo home birth practice for over 10 years. Amy believes birth is natural, normal and intricately designed and the less we do as providers to interfere, the more it works. She believes in the model of midwifery and loves supporting women in out-of-hospital environments, be it in the home or in the birth center setting.


Her philosophy of birth is simple: because birth is intricately designed, intervention should rarely be necessary. Midwives should be the standard of care for women who are low risk. She believes the childbearing years are the best years of a woman’s life; they should be celebrated, embraced and enjoyed. It is her honor to walk alongside women during this beautiful and sacred time supporting them, their choices and their family. As a midwife, Amy supports classical midwifery values.


Her goal at the Bozeman Birth Center is to work with the growing community, offering exceptional service and individualized care to women and families. She aims to work with her clients to provide them with the comfortable safe birth experience they know is possible. Amy knows each woman is unique, and every birth story should be as well. Her desire is to help women to see birth as a normal, beautiful life event waiting to unfold. She eagerly looks forward to walking alongside you in this journey. 


Laney Lewis, Licensed Midwife Apprentice 


Laney grew up in southern Indiana in a small town called Spencer. She is currently a midwifery student in the process to becoming a CPM and LM. She started her midwifery career in 2019 in the Dominican Republic where she witnessed her first birth and was able to learn from many talented doulas, CPMs/CNMs and OBGYNs both American and Dominican. This jump started her love for birth and the excitement of what it means to be a midwife. 


In October 2020 she moved to Bozeman, MT where she began her apprenticeship. When not assisting in birth, Laney loves to hike, spend time with friends and loves learning new things.  One of her favorite quotes that well represents her birth philosophy is by Ina May Gaskin: “Birth Matters... It matters because it is the way we all begin our lives outside of our mother's bodies. It's the means from which we enter and feel our first impression of the wider world. For each mother, it is an event that shakes and shapes her to her innermost core. Women's perceptions about their bodies and their babies' capabilities will be deeply influenced by the care they receive around the time of birth.”


Laney is CPR, NRP, and CBA certified. 


Danielle McEntee, Licensed Midwife Apprentice


Danielle (or Dani!) is a student midwife, birth assistant, birth doula, and birth photographer on her way to becoming a CPM and LM. Dani is a California native (don't hold it against her!) and a true ”valley girl”, having been born in the Central Valley of Fresno and spending many years of her life in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.


In January 2021, she moved to Bozeman with her husband of 15 years, her 3 daughters, and her pitbull, to pursue her calling in midwifery. Having experienced the beauty and joy of home birth herself, Dani is passionate about supporting and nurturing women through the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth; a journey that no one should ever have to walk alone. She believes a woman's body is a miraculous creation, and childbirth is a privilege and an honor bestowed upon all who choose it.


Having served as a doula, a teen pregnancy counselor, a youth pastor, a childbirth educator, a photographer, a prenatal yoga and movement coach, and a mother herself, she is excited to incorporate all of those aspects into her calling of birth work as she serves the women and families of Montana.


Dani is CPR, NRP, and CBA certified. 


Kathryn Walpole, Licensed Midwife Apprentice


Kathryn is a birth doula, birth photographer, birth assistant and aspiring midwife.


Her journey to midwifery began with a heart for serving internationally and while she was overseas, was introduced to midwifery being the practice of "being with women." This seemed like the perfect avenue to serve women and their families in some of the most intimate moments. Ever since that experience, she began exploring ways to become a midwife and has loved the journey so far!

She believes that birth and motherhood are gifts to women to strengthen character, empower identity and learn about the innate abilities as a woman. Birth is one of the most inspiring and beautiful things she has the privilege to be a part of. 

Kathryn has moved around a lot, calling both Indiana, North Carolina and now Montana home! She is currently taking midwifery courses and enjoying her apprenticeship in beautiful Bozeman.

Kathryn is CPR, NRP and CBA certified.

 It is our love language to walk alongside women as they grow and birth new life. It is our mission to ensure the midwifery model of care is passed to the next generation of women. To this end, we encourage and invite midwifery students into our practice. Our students are Licensed with the state of Montana as Midwifery Apprentices and are professional, reliable, confident and caring. Students are required to maintain HIPPA confidentiality and are certified as doulas, childbirth educators, birth assistants and are qualified in CPR and NRP.

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