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Testimonials / Reviews

I really appreciated how individualized the care was and being able to call with questions or concerns 24/7. I liked that I was supported in my desire to labor at home for as long as possible. Also, having home visits after babies birth was a life saver because I didn't feel like leaving the house.

I really appreciate the personal relationship we establish with the staff of the Bozeman Birth Center. It makes our moment of greatest weakness and vulnerability a positive experience knowing you're amongst friends who got your back.

You listen to what we are looking for in a birth and help us all work together to achieve it! The birthing rooms also feel like home, so there isn't a stressful feeling when you are in labor.

I always felt heard and that my wants and needs were met which was so comforting, they put me in control of my care and that was empowering in itself.

I had my third baby boy at the Bozeman birth center and this was my first birth there- HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! It was the best, most peaceful birth! The women at the birth center care for you on such a deep level and support and encourage you SO much. They’re amazing!!

I had a really wonderful experience with everyone at the Birth Center! The staff is knowledgeable, kind and always made me feel confident as a first time mom. You can tell they honestly care about each and every family that they’re working with and I would 100% recommended them.

I love how personal your services are! I really felt like the midwives knew me well and I knew them fairly well when it came time to have babes. I also really appreciate the small homey feel of your facilities. Your more natural approach to labor and delivery is also a huge plus. I love how you are patient and realize that every woman’s labor is different and you try to cater to each mother’s needs.

I love love love the Birth Center!! I can't imagine prenatal, childbirth, or postpartum care anywhere else!

Loved it! I mean, I could have done without the intense pain but given the alternatives, it was amazing! I will absolutely be back for my next. And my next. And my next!

Loved the births of both of my babies here. I am so grateful to have found the Birth Center! I wish all women could have amazing/ supported births here like I have!

I think this was the best birthing experience/transition in to motherhood that I could have had. I was supported throughout my labor and reassured that my body could do this. I was also really glad to be able to have my family make me food in the kitchen afterward.

Thank you so much for the amazing experience and all your help with everything. I look forward to coming back for the next baby!

The short:
I loved my team, I felt heard and affirmed in my choices. I felt incredibly supported and never felt pressured into anything that wasn't how I wanted my birth to go. I love you Jen, Kate, Laney, Dani and Amy!
Past my six week visit my family has been loved by these ladies and it feels like an extension of family.

Wonderful birth experience!
We highly recommend the Birth Center to everyone we know. If you want a natural birth, this is the best possible place I can imagine. Such a peaceful atmosphere. Kind, knowledgeable women who will encourage you and nurture you through your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

The team at the Birth Center is truly incredible. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are not easy experiences, and I can’t imagine not having the joyful, loving, supportive community that the Birth Center provided through I all. I felt heard and sincerely cared for the entire way through our pregnancy and postpartum. It’s a gift to have 45 minute appointments where there’s time and you’re encouraged to ask any questions you have and process your emotions… something the hospitals just can’t replicate. I can hardly wait to have another baby and do it all over again with this incredible team.

You are all amazing and I'm so glad that I decided on the Bozeman Birthing Center for my pregnancy care and birth!!

We’ve been with the BBC since week 10ish of our pregnancy journey. We loved how minimally invasive they were the entire 10 months unless necessary. Listening to our sweet baby every appointment with the Doppler was awesome and the ample information the ladies provided was great! Every visit felt like we were going to see friends as opposed to “yet another doctor’s visit.” Unfortunately, my pregnancy went onto 41 weeks and in the end we ran into complications which resulted in having to deliver at BDH. My BBC team still followed up with me and baby before, during and after delivering at BDH. They made sure we were taken care of even though we didn’t birth with them. They also worked with us to adjust payment to reflect care received. We would recommend the BBC to anyone who is looking for an alternative to hospital L&D, prenatal visits and postnatal. We also highly recommend their in house doula, Kathryn.

I had a wonderful experience with the birth center. I felt very empowered by them and supported in my decision making. I was fortunate to have a healthy, low risk pregnancy. They were amazing during my labor, so calm and tuned in to me and baby but also allowing me to do what felt intuitive. I can't imagine a different birth experience and have been so appreciative of the care I have received with the birth center! If and when baby #2 comes along, I will definitely be back!

The Bozeman birth center staff respect, love & support you and your baby unto your baby coming into this world and beyond that. I was so scared to labor and give birth (especially unmediated) and with a 50+ hour labor they never once made me feel like they didn’t wanna be there with me through it all. I am so grateful for the gift that each and every staff member was to my husband and I in the hardest time of our life so far!

Prenatal care and birth should be a time of education and empowerment. A time to tap into feminine intuition and strength. If you agree or you’re looking for a team that will encourage you, and provide wisdom without judgement or pretense - you’ll find it at the birth center. Amy is nothing short of amazing and she has an equally wonderful team of women surrounding her. There is a peaceful presence at the birth center and each appointment you’re provided with adequate time and attention. This is not your traditional prenatal care. This is holistic, well-rounded and personal. Amy, Laney and Dani have walked beside me through two pregnancies and homebirths and I can confidently say it was the best decision I made for myself and my babies as I entered into motherhood informed and empowered.

I cannot express enough how wonderful Dani and all the woman at Bozeman birth center are. From the moment I entered the Birth Centers care, I felt safe and cared for on a level I never could have imagined. I was very nervous about doing a natural birth but they helped me through my fears in a loving and empathetic way. During labor I felt so supported and surrounded with light and warmth. The care for myself and baby postpartum has been amazing. It was such a relief having Dani come to our home to check on us the first week. And any concerns or worries I had in the weeks after, I was able to speak with someone and get advice quickly. I will never forget my experience with Bozeman Birth Center and am so beyond grateful that I was able to experience pregnancy, birth and new baby motherhood with such a wonderful, knowledgeable and caring team of woman.

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