I really appreciated how individualized the care was and being able to call with questions or concerns 24/7. I liked that I was supported in my desire to labor at home for as long as possible. Also, having home visits after babies birth was a life saver because I didn't feel like leaving the house.

I really appreciate the personal relationship we establish with the staff of the Bozeman Birth Center. It makes our moment of greatest weakness and vulnerability a positive experience knowing you're amongst friends who got your back.

You listen to what we are looking for in a birth and help us all work together to achieve it! The birthing rooms also feel like home, so there isn't a stressful feeling when you are in labor.

I love how personal your services are! I really felt like the midwives knew me well and I knew them fairly well when it came time to have babes. I also really appreciate the small homey feel of your facilities. Your more natural approach to labor and delivery is also a huge plus. I love how you are patient and realize that every woman’s labor is different and you try to cater to each mother’s needs.

I always felt heard and that my wants and needs were met which was so comforting, they put me in control of my care and that was empowering in itself.

I think this was the best birthing experience/transition in to motherhood that I could have had. I was supported throughout my labor and reassured that my body could do this. I was also really glad to be able to have my family make me food in the kitchen afterward.

I love love love the Birth Center!! I can't imagine prenatal, childbirth, or postpartum care anywhere else!

Loved the births of both of my babies here. I am so grateful to have found the Birth Center! I wish all women could have amazing/ supported births here like I have!

Loved it! I mean, I could have done without the intense pain but given the alternatives, it was amazing! I will absolutely be back for my next. And my next. And my next!

I had so much peace during my experience there, Kayla is amazing. She saved my son's life by using her knowledge and doing what needed to be done. I am grateful and will not be going anywhere else for my next!

Thank you so much for the amazing experience and all your help with everything. I look forward to coming back for the next baby!

You are all amazing and I'm so glad that I decided on the Bozeman Birthing Center for my pregnancy care and birth!!