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At the Bozeman Birth Center, we pride ourselves in offering affordable, high-quality care including prenatal, labor/birth, postpartum, newborn, lactation, and wellness care. We understand that having a baby is a big financial commitment and may be the first time you have heavily utilized your health insurance. We believe in full financial transparency and will help you understand your options and choose which route is the best for you and your family. 

We work with all major private insurance companies; however, at this time we are out-of-network with all of them. We do offer traditional itemized billing throughout the process and can therefore give you an estimate of what we will charge to your insurance company (price list available for viewing in the office), but this will vary depending on the services utilized throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We are happy to walk you through what out-of-network insurance reimbursement and out-of-pocket costs look like as this can be a complicated process. Click here or call us at (406) 585-0752 to schedule your free consultation and tour. Visit our Resources page for more information about insurance billing and reimbursement. 

If you would like assistance verifying your benefits, please visit Midwives Advantage.

We also offer an early pay discount and a pay in full discount. This is a particularly good option if you don't have health insurance, you have a health share, or a high-deductible, but it is often the most cost-effective option for all people. If you choose this option, your balance is due prior to delivery and includes everything that happens within the Birth Center - all pregnancy, labor/birth, postpartum, and newborn care, lab draws, and necessary IVs, medications, or oxygen during labor. There are no additional charges if you need extra time or care from us. After your baby is born, we will receive a paid invoice and Superbill you may submit to your insurance. Your insurance company will then compensate you directly. We can connect you with our third-party biller to assist you with this process if you desire. The insurance company will generally reimburse the same amount if you choose this route or the traditional insurance billing option; therefore, out-of-pocket costs to you are generally significantly lower with the early pay option.


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