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Birth Stories

Hattie BW.jpg

Hattie's Birth Story


If you are seeking holistic, intentional, gentle care in your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, then the Bozeman Birth Center is the place for you. Amy and her team were a vital part of why my daughter's birth was such a transformative, wonderful experience! They helped me to dismantle any fears I had and enter the birth space with understanding and confidence. I felt empowered to trust the innate ability that my body had to birth without unnecessary intervention.

I really appreciate the personal relationship we establish with the staff of the Bozeman Birth Center. It makes our moment of greatest weakness and vulnerability a positive experience knowing you're amongst friends who got your back.

You listen to what we are looking for in a birth and help us all work together to achieve it! The birthing rooms also feel like home, so there isn't a stressful feeling when you are in labor.

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