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Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Training

Using Your Glucometer

If your Glucose Challenge Test resulted in a higher blood glucose number and we have sent you home with a glucose monitor, here are specific instructions on how to use it properly.

Hugging a Pillow

Cold and Flu

Sickness during pregnancy can be incredibly uncomfortable and leave a lot of women unsure of what supplements and medicines they can take. Here are our recommendations if you contract a cold or flu during your gestation.


Group Beta Strep in pregnancy

What is GBS testing and why and when do we test for it in pregnancy? What happens if you test positive? Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers. 

Pregnant Woman

Breech Presentation

What happens if your baby is presenting breech prior to labor? Montana guidelines state that out-of-hospital midwives are legally unable to deliver breech presentation, however, it is possible to turn baby prior to labor. 

Holding the Belly

Warning Signs During Pregnancy

If you are experiencing any of these signs during your pregnancy it is important you notify your midwife immediately.


Preparing for your Homebirth

The midwives at the Birth Center also attend home births, which take some preparation on the part of the patient. If you are planning a home birth with our team, here is what you will need to plan for.

Surprised Pregnant Woman


Many women experience some sort of vaginitis in their lifetime but it can be especially uncomfortable during pregnancy. Here are the different types of vaginitis, their causes and possible treatments. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed, notify your midwife immediately.

Vegetable Shopping At Mart

Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy

Anemia can cause severe problems for your body and the baby you are carrying. Here is some information on iron-deficiency in pregnancy and how to reverse it.

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