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Meghan's Birth Story 

For our family, a VBAC with the Bozeman Birth Center was the most perfect path. I knew I wanted to avoid as many interventions as I could after so many roadblocks during my first birth in hospital. For many moms ending up in a C section for their first time around, you know what you "don't" want for the next pregnancy. The harder part is figuring out how to make the right changes to ensure a better experience with this birth.


By choosing the birth center, we were able to find the best birth journey for our family with the right team supporting us the whole way. I learned this time around how to advocate for myself and my baby. I chose a VBAC specific childbirth educational course and followed their PT exercises all the way through my pregnancy and labor. My midwives gave me options and supported my decisions. And when the big day finally came along, I felt confident and prepared. Labor progressed quickly and baby boy made his way shortly after arriving at the birth center. It was the most amazing and empowering moment I've ever experienced. The team even surprised me with a birthday cake (as I just so happened to now share a birthday with my baby).


My advice to families interested in a VBAC would be to make peace with your previous birth experience, tap into the numerous resources out there to formulate your plan and gain confidence in it, and then team up with the Bozeman Birth Center for full support along the way!



We love you guys!!!


The Rathbuns

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