Sierra's Birth Story

For those who wanted to know what happened, here is my birth story.

My pregnancy started out normally. Just like with Blake, I planned on a hospital delivery as her birth was uneventful I was induced and had an epidural, my nurses and midwife were great but there was never much guidance as to what was going on.

Then Covid 19 hit. After much discussion with my husband, we decided at 32 weeks (of 40) to switch to a natural delivery at a birth center so that both my husband and my daughter would be able to be in the room with us if needed (we weren’t sure at the time if family would be able to come out to help). We also hired a Doula to help us with keeping my delivery, provide support to Dominic and helping us with managing Blake if needed Autumn had no concerns during our entire pregnancy. She’s considered a low risk birth so we entered into the birth center with nervous confidence. They took over all of my prenatal care and were all-around wonderful.

My delivery started out normal. I went in at 2 AM with painful but manageable contractions. Found out very quickly that I was 6 cm dilated! We had all hoped to have a baby by at least 12 PM but Autumn had other plans. When nothing was moving along by 10 in the morning we opted to break my water. And that’s where things start to get interesting. There was Meconium in the water. I’m not gonna explain what that is go look it up. Now this could be concerning in case she inhales it prior to delivery as it’s very sticky. But her heart rate stayed steady and so we progress normally with amazing support and recommendations from my midwife and Doula.

After the rest of the afternoon, three baths and God knows how many showers or how many times I smacked Dominic awake to help me with a contraction it was finally almost time to push. My midwife Kayla, and doula Megan were fantastic at coaching me through the backbreaking pain bringing me back to earth so I could manage it. Dominic was wonderful he and Kayla discussed how they would catch the baby during my water birth. When Autumn first poked her head into this world everything was still normal, I went to push her shoulders through and nothing happened...

All the sudden everything was happening at once but felt like slow motion. Kayla and Megan were so calm that you could barely feel the change in the energy. I was instructed to get out of the tub now. From there, Next to the tub in a runners lunge Kayla instructed me through what should’ve been a very Trumatic moment, but due to her calm demeanor we were able to manually get autumn shoulders out!


After one more push my baby was out, but our journey wasn’t over. Autumn wasn’t crying. All I could see were her tiny feet, and they were purple. What I instinctively knew but my husband had the unfortunate experience of witnessing, was my baby wasn’t breathing. Her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck two times and tightened during pushing. Again my birth team, swiftly took action, encouraging me to rub her feet and talk to my baby. While I knew something was very wrong, Kayla’s words pushed me to calmly act. I told her I loved her and I slowly caressed the bottom of her itty-bitty feet. The single moment seem to last forever and go so quick at the same time. But before I could fully process my baby was crying!

Dominic and I were moved onto the queen size bed in the room, and Autumn was placed on my chest starting to return to her normal color. We thought this was the end but unfortunately it was not. When it was time to deliver the placenta I began to hemorrhage. Again Kayla and Megan both stayed serene and purposeful. While I could tell that I was bleeding more than average and that she was concerned Kayla worked quickly and managed to control the bleeding. 

Unfortunately my bag of waters had decided it really did not want to come out. This could lead to an infection, or worse if left in. Dominic held Autumn while holding my hand, Megan held my other hand and coached me through even more pain as Kayla calmly explained that she would have to manually remove the membrane. While painful it was never a doubt in my mind that I couldn’t do it if my little one could make it through her ordeal than I could do it too. 

Again they tried to tell me that they should be traumatic and I was the one who had done incredible things, but I truly believe because of my amazing team the open dialog and swift work that they did, not only did they save my baby’s life, but possibly mine as well. Their strength determination and calm demeanor kept me from panicking. They worked in harmony without question but never left me in the dark as to what was happening. 

An hour later, 24 hours after checking into the birth center we drove to the hospital at Autumns blood oxygen levels were slightly below average and due to the eventful nature of her birth, along with the meconium in my bag of waters we wanted to be sure there was no issues. Unfortunately, Dominic was not able to enter the hospital with me. They kept an eye on her blood oxygen levels performed tests for infection along with a chest x-ray to be sure there was no further issues. We spent a full day and a half in the hospital under observation before being released.

Autumn is in great health and there are no concerns about her or myself.

The moral of the story is while so many crazy things happen during this delivery not only was I safe in the capable hands of my midwife and doula, but never once did I worry about the outcome. As crazy as it sounds I wouldn’t change a thing. This birthing experience was a beautiful and amazing. My birth of my first born Blake, was uneventful and generally normal but there were so many questions that were left unanswered. So many times no one could tell me what the next step would be. At the birth center not only did I meet my team ahead of my delivery but they will continue my postpartum care as well. They empowered me with my birth story and trusted me with the information and that is more powerful than you could ever know. 

To my soon to be mommy‘s, you are a force to be reckoned with. There’s no right or wrong way to have a baby as long as you are supported. Just because your birth may be eventful doesn’t mean it has to be Trumatic! I highly encourage you to look at all your options, and don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Ask questions. And always remember you’ve got this!