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Maddy's Birth Story 

This was the most holy, beautiful birth I’ve ever had. It was absolutely full of redemption from past trauma. I woke up at 4:30am having some contractions and had them throughout the day. It was a day full of listening to my Christian Hypnobirthing app, my worship playlist and hanging with my two toddler boys. After Sam (my hubby) and I put our boys down for bed at 7:30pm, I decided to go take a shower and just be with Jesus. I got to the point of just wanting my labor to progress and for me to go into active labor. I voiced this with Sam and he said “let’s pray over you and ask Jesus.” So he prayed over me and not even 30 seconds later, I was in active labor and progressing QUICK. We got to the Bozeman birth center around 9:00pm and because of the amazing team surrounding us, Sam and I got to have such sweet intimate moments laboring together. My body just did was it was suppose to and I didn’t fight the pressure, I released to it and asked God to be ever so present. And He was. Holy Spirit was in the room. Our worship playlist we’d prayed into was playing and the prayers of the ones surrounding us saturated my heart. At 11:04pm, Azariah was born in the tub and was marked with the Holy Spirit. Wild what God created our bodies to do and so beautiful what can happen during childbirth when we press into the fullness of Him. I felt encouraged, safe and fully taken care of. Holy holy holy. All glory to God.

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