COVID-19 Policies

This is a challenging time for all of us, but particularly when it comes to healthcare. Pregnancies don’t pause and babies don’t stay in just because of global pandemics. We are walking the thin line between providing the personal, individualized care we have become well-known for and also keeping our patients and our staff safe and healthy.

We have many people asking about transferring their care from a hospital-based setting to the birth center due to concerns about hospital limitations on support persons and/or risks of contracting COVID-19 in a hospital setting. If you fall into this category, please take the time to watch this video interview our nurse-midwife, Kayla Wright, did with Jessica Cartwright of Our Yoga.

Below are policies that are currently in place at the Birth Center, but are subject to change as COVID-19 progresses or regresses.

  • Staff will be wearing masks during patient contact.

  • We have removed all toys from the waiting area and the prenatal room is sanitized between each patient.

  • While partners are still welcome at office visits, please try to leave children and extra people at home.

  • We are doing initial consults via telemedicine. After that visit, if care at the Birth Center is still something you would like to pursue, we encourage you to come in for a tour if you would like.

  • Some prenatal and/or postpartum visits are appropriate to do via telemedicine. Your midwife will discuss with you individually how this applies to your visits.

  • You may have your essential birth team with you in labor (partner, doula, etc), but our waiting room is closed. Therefore, people who just want to be in the building when the baby is born or wanting to visit after delivery are asked to stay home. They may visit you once you are home.


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